Founded in 2019 in Chicago, USA

ANONYMOUS RAT is an artist-run independent toy company specializing in fun products and experiences! We want to help you connect with the residents of the ANONYMOUS RAT NEIGHBORHOOD. Only in this neighborhood can you find wild characters such as DUCK MAN, STINGING DUCK, RATTY, STRAWBERRY SNAIL, CHINCHIRAT, and many more!

Designed by No. 1 Ratty

All of ANONYMOUS RAT’s art, characters, and products are designed by No. 1 Ratty. Additionally, we self-produce our own projects and merchandise, as well as run our online store! If you enjoy our characters and toys, you’re in the right place since when you purchase anything from us, you help support all of the projects we’re currently working on!

Where to buy?

You can buy most of our available products directly from our website! All purchases made from are fulfilled by us from our workspace in Chicago. Additionally, we have a network of Retail Partners who carry our products around the world!


No. 1 Ratty is the artist behind everything Anonymous Rat – all of our products, characters, and much more!


Max coordinates all of Anonymous Rat’s custom product development and community support!