DUCK MAN and STINGING DUCK are now available from SATAN TOYS in TAIWAN! 鴨男 & 魟鴨現已在台灣的【撒旦玩具Satan Toys】開放預售。

ANONYMOUS RAT is proud to announce that DUCK MAN and STINGING DUCK are now available from SATAN TOYS!

We are thrilled to share our products with the toy community all over the world! Our headquarters is in Chicago, and especially with the current global situation, international shipping can be slow and expensive! We are happy to partner with our friends at SATAN TOYS to offer a convenient retail selection of our products! 

If you’re in Taiwan, this makes it quick and easy to pick up all three colorways of DUCK MAN, as well as both editions of STINGING DUCK! You can even go to visit our toys in their physical store, just in case you’d like to check them out before purchasing!

Be sure to check out Satan Toys on Facebook and Satan Toys on Instagram for all the details, as well as to place an order! 


我們很榮幸宣佈 鴨男 & 魟鴨 現可在台灣的【撒旦玩具Satan Toys】預購獲得!


我們公司所在地為美國的芝加哥,因近期疫情的關係,國際貨運在所難免會 昂貴及貨運速度較慢。所以在這裡我們很開心能在台灣找到合作夥伴, 撒旦玩具Satan Toys 提供給我們在台灣的顧客以更方便的方式得到我們的產品。

如果您身處台灣,那您可以在他們的實體據點門市 – 【桃園Top1玩具店】買到全三種配色的鴨男Duckman,當然不要忘記了雙配色的魟鴨也能在該門市獲得。歡迎各位親臨該門市,或私訊【撒旦玩具】以預購的方式獲得我們的產品。謝謝!


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