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PEACH MAN SOFUBI : A New Vinyl Art Toy from Anonymous Rat

ANONYMOUS RAT is proud to announce the release of our latest toy, the EVOLVED PEACH MAN! Peach Men are cute little creatures that live in the Anonymous Rat neighborhood, but they’re also Duck Man’s favorite snack (and don’t forget his cousin, Stinging Duck!). All Peach Men start out as petite, but when they grow old […]

NEW DROP: Stinging Duck One-Off Tropical Rainbow Colorway by No. 1 Ratty!

SAY HELLO TO SUMMER WITH THIS HOT NEW ONE-OFF CUSTOM STINGING DUCK, HAND-PAINTED BY NO. 1 RATTY!  We are excited to announce our first available Stinging Duck original custom! It looks like this little guy just took a bath in a tropical drink! This unique colorway is available via Lottery from our shop! Just head on […]

DUCK MAN and STINGING DUCK are now available from SATAN TOYS in TAIWAN! 鴨男 & 魟鴨現已在台灣的【撒旦玩具Satan Toys】開放預售。

ANONYMOUS RAT is proud to announce that DUCK MAN and STINGING DUCK are now available from SATAN TOYS! We are thrilled to share our products with the toy community all over the world! Our headquarters is in Chicago, and especially with the current global situation, international shipping can be slow and expensive! We are happy […]

Our all-new Peach Man T-Shirts are now available in our store!

We’ve just launched two new peach man screen-printed t-shirts! Excellent quality, and available in all sizes SM – XXL for only $24! We are pleased to announce the release of these new Peach Man T-Shirts! They’re the first releases in our line of custom Peach Man merchandise! These fun shirts feature super-colorful large screen-prints of […]

GLOW IN THE DARK DUCK MAN (Tenacious Toys Exclusive!) is NOW AVAILABLE!

ANONYMOUS RAT IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE OUR FIRST EXCLUSIVE RELEASE WITH TENACIOUS TOYS!  Reports indicate that over Thanksgiving weekend, Duck Man was extremely drunk on Peach (Man) Juice & entered a nuclear facility and ate radioactive junk ☢️🦆🦠 Those weren’t pickles, Duck Man! 🥒Something has gone terribly wrong & spawned this exclusive release with Tenacious […]